Melt Some Hearts!

Why is it that such small gestures can just about break your heart (in a good way)? I had one of those today and just had to report it here. Let me set the stage…

The mailman drove up to the house today with a package that he could not fit into the mailbox and I instantly wondered what I had ordered on line and could not think of anything due to arrive. I was about to start a meeting with visitors so I could do no more than accept the package and set it aside while I continued with my guests but I admit, I couldn’t help but wonder why I had received a mysterious box from my brother and could barely concentrate.

As soon as the meeting concluded, I tore it open. This is what I found…a note from my dear brother, Tim. t9wHLeKVQ1aFxhL2v5Nstw_thumb_18038And of course, wouldn’t you know it, in the box were two packages of my most favorite treats of all time…Hermits from Wilson Farm in Lexington, Massachusetts. My heart just melted.wvfTdQEi9HkV+gWsLwQ_thumb_18037So if you don’t remember the post, I make Sriracha with our jalapenos (no chemicals in my version!) and have given it to my brother over time whenever he visits and I guess he likes it a lot! He uses it (along with our honey) in at least one of his favorite recipes, ‘Chicken Lady Chicken’ from the “My Paris Kitchen” book by David Lebovitz.

Brothers, sisters and friends everywhere, do something kind. Melt hearts…especially now when we need to see kindness in the world. I’m off to package up some Sriracha (both red and green) for Tim and hope his package is as welcome as mine was today.

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