Book Signing This Saturday!

We are busy, busy Bees here so I’m way behind on the farm updates (there is so much to tell!) but I wanted to quickly mention that we are taking time out this Saturday to go to the book signing for Kathy Rainey Bussmann’s new book,  “The Uncommon English Teacher and the Forgotten Doughboy.” Kathy will be at Christopher’s Home Accents in downtown Kirkwood, MO  (127 E. Argonne across from the Kirkwood Farmer’s Market which is about a mile from the farm) from 11 am to 1 pm so make sure to stop in and have her sign a copy for you! I’m eager to use some of our eggs to try out her grandmother’s cheese souffle recipe which is just one of the recipes included in this jam packed book!UncommonEnglishTeacher FRONTCVRjpg     4.1.17 - Copy - Copy.jpg

Kathy made the serendipitous discovery of her grandmother’s diaries from Mount Holyoke College (1914-1919) and her grandfather’s World War I letters home to his mother from Italy and France in her basement after her father died in 1993 and spent many years weaving the threads of their lives together to write their love story. I think we need a second copy since whenever Farmer Dave sits down these days (which is rare), he has her book in his lap, often reading passages aloud to me. (Before the book was published, Kathy kindly lent us her grandfather’s farm diaries to read and we found them fascinating as well as the many other artifacts that Kathy displayed at her home several weeks ago!)

We will be at the signing on the later side since we are hosting Coulter’s 2nd birthday party that morning! I’m sure there will be fun photos of that event in the next blog as well as much more!   (Hint: Nancy and Dave went bee swarm hunting…Yikes! )IMG_3125.JPG

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