We undertook a huge adventure in August of 2010 when we put a bid on a property in Huntleigh, Missouri that was being sold thru a local bank auction. We were quite happily living in nearby Frontenac, Missouri when we became curious about the possibility of renovating the house and grounds, both of which were forlorn.

On August 24th, 2010, while traveling to a family wedding in Maine, we found out we had the winning bid and would soon be the owners of 7 Deacon Drive, soon to be known as Seven Oaks Farm. I should have started blogging about the pathway between 2010 and now, but it was too overwhelming at times to do so. Luckily, we photographed and documented everything obsessively so perhaps, if I can figure it out, I will try to create a history page and add some flavorful background to this site.

But for now, we are beginning the third planting/harvesting season in Spring of 2013. We have planted 60 fruit trees in the orchard, 50 blueberry shrubs, gazillions of strawberries and have two very large plow-able fields with a large variety of fruits and vegetables. Dave meticulously records the planting and harvesting so that we can attempt to make sense of the successes and failures.

We are absolutely tied to the weather. Of course 2011 and 2012 were summers of record heat and drought so some of the failures were not entirely ours alone. We are also battling the deer and their destructive habits. We follow the rest of the creatures that visit us with curiosity. Some visitors are more welcome than others but we find we have little control in the end over many of them.

We hope this blog will be a good record for friends and family to follow along since we often have little time to write individual e-mails. Perhaps this will be a better way to view our story along with the photos. Happy reading.

PS. Apologies in advance on my blogging abilities. Tips on WordPress formatting welcome!!!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Received a package of your jars of jam? by mistake. They are labeled 6/13. They are addressed to us but to a Peter S. I was thinking of contacting fed ex to return them, but was wondering if the person you were trying to mail them to lives near us and I could get them to him for you.
    Paterson, NJ

  2. I keep waiting to see honey nearby – can’t get more local than my own back yard 🙂 with all our allergies – I would love to find it! where can I buy some?

    Very Hopeful,

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