The Big Guns Have Arrived!

Short post….just to keep everyone in the loop…our concrete contractor, Mike, who will be tearing out our existing driveway, rear sidewalks and rear steps for replacement, arrived late this afternoon with some of his equipment. Given our response to his appearance today, he probably thinks there was an unannounced ticker tape parade scheduled and he was the last to know! IMG_5108

I LOVE it when the contractors and sub contractors arrive! We are SOOOO excited!

Anyway, the heat continues along with the dry conditions and we are watering, watering but will be harvesting more melons in the days to come.  Wouldn’t you know, the green beans are gorgeous and flourishing in the last couple of days. Dave has harvested about two pounds per day with ease and they are perfect! Here is the recent harvest.IMG_5114

I have a well loved, green bean, stir fry recipe that I will share soon, since Kate and Jason will be around this weekend to share in that as well as our Roasted Cherry Tomato Pizza.

Tonight’s dinner is much the same as many others. Roasted veggies from our garden with chicken breasts to give a bit of protein.  Yum!IMG_5112


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