Easter Greetings 2018

No, it’s not an April Fools’ joke!

The Seven Oaks Farm blog may have been ‘quiet’ for the last few months but our lives have been quite ‘noisy’ in contrast! As each busy week passes, I tell myself that I need to add this or that activity to the blog. But not unlike a pinball machine with multiple balls in play and not enough hands to manage all the levers, I have merely been able to ’tilt’ the board from time to time in order to keep all the balls in play a bit longer in hopes of getting back to sharing on these pages when time avails.

I can think of one hundred excuses for neglecting to write, but I won’t bore anyone with any of them. Instead, I may review a few of those highlights in future posts. For now, the photo below will instantly reveal some updates to our lives as I am holding the newest little farmer, William ‘Willie’ Ernest Ward who is one month old today. Older brother Coulter, soon to turn three, is sporting his matching tractor shirt and sits happily beside his Nana and his Easter egg hunt haul, his tummy full of the breakfast of bacon, waffles and fruit salad.

Happy Easter to all with a promise of more updates to come!


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