Farmer Dave Continues to Amaze!

Quick post here as Dave just brought in an amazing bit of harvesting on December 27th no less! This, after a very cold span of very frigid days that included temps as cold as 2 degrees and hovering around 5 degrees for several days. I can kind of understand the root vegetables since they are below ground, but you are seeing two types of delicate lettuces as well as spinach here? and he brought in some Swiss Chard earlier that I put to use before the photo!

It takes quite a bit of commitment and fortitude to go out and cover and uncover the protective plastic sheeting each day and to gauge whether to do that or not due to the weather predictions.  Bravo, Dave, you are my hero! Now I have to get to the kitchen to start cooking with these gems!IMG_1646.JPGSpeaking of gems, here is little Coulter, wearing the chicken sweater that I knitted which he received for Christmas from Nana. Adorable, if I must say so myself! img_1615img_1630

2 thoughts on “Farmer Dave Continues to Amaze!

  1. I enjoy your blog so much! Your descriptions have given me a perspective of farming that I was too young to appreciate when my grandparents had their farm. I do remember helping to gather the eggs and pick strawberries. Thank you and Happy New Year to all!

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