Everything You N-Ever Wanted to Know About Chicken Poop!

So, as you may have read in my previous posts about our chickens, I’m all about having the cleanest chicken run and coop possible. Evidence: the Purell hand soap dispenser that I recently installed in my workshop for hand sanitizing.  IMG_4022.jpg As the chicks are growing, I have also been scooping unbelievable amounts of poop from the sandy areas both indoors and out that these darling hens inhabit. I knew this would be the case but I am always amazed at the amount of poop these gals produce! Most effective for this is a kitty litter scooper which I employ as much as thrice daily (’cause I’m a nut) to sift chunks of poo out of the sand.

But the best news is this – these brilliant (haha, chickens are not known for their brains!) hens have finally started roosting at night in their designated area on a roost above their drop board and the results have been spectacular! Here they are all lined up on the lowest roost as I found them this morning. They will soon loft up to the two higher levels but one step at a time. IMG_3997.jpgHere is the marvelous line of chicken poop they deposited on the designated drop board and left for me to clean up this morning.  IMG_3892.jpg Why am I so pleased? Because it is so easy to clean up after them this way! I merely grab my handy 12″ drywall blade and scoop it all up from the metal drop board surface in one quick motion, ridding the coop of this overnight waste with ease. IMG_3893.jpgQuestion from the crowd: Do chickens pee? Answer: No, they do not really but the white part of their excrement is the portion that is considered their pee. The ‘poo’ bit is a brownish to greenish color part. The ‘pee’ is the surrounding white bit which is the uric acid part. It is made by the liver and is not soluble in water. It requires less water to excrete than the water-soluble version, urea, that mammals make so chickens are actually more efficient in this way. Whew! I hope that puts everyone’s mind at ease about chicken poop as well as pee!

The girls continue to be spoiled in other ways…I give them modest amounts of treats but they certainly adore the greens I put in their outdoor run. Here is their recent favorite…grape vines which we have plenty of as they grow wild on the fencing.

And, they have made their dust bath bucket into a community hot tub! What a cute advertisement this could have been for on line dating sites using voice overs!!IMG_3881.jpgSpeaking of the hot tub, Coulter is enjoying the last days of summer pool time. Never without his Cardinal Baseball cap (thanks to uncle Peter) as well as some type of vehicle in his hand, he navigates the water at the local pool.



2 thoughts on “Everything You N-Ever Wanted to Know About Chicken Poop!

  1. Another post that made me smarter!
    Now, if only I could copycat a chicken,and go with the “non-water soluble uric acid” option…think how much time I could save, not to mention the convenience of it all! 😉
    The chicks are growing like weeds – they look happy to have joined the gang at Seven Oaks Farm!

  2. I love poopoo peepee 8stories!! Is the poop good for anything? fertilizer? compost? Does Cal sleep in his hat? It looks adorable!


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