Chick Up Date

Here is an update for eager readers interested in the chick status. They are all doing wonderfully and  I’m taking lots and lots of photos. This morning I found them all sleeping in a carpet of chicks, huddled together for warmth despite the heat lamp! Aww!IMG_2576They are starting to develop their wing feathers which you can see here on this central gal who is a Cinnamon Queen variety.

IMG_2606Aren’t they so cute!!! The thermometer you see on the floor of the brooder is indicating the temp but they ignore it and so do I at this point since they are very comfy. The construction crew has been working hard to finalize the coop areas and the presence of the chicks seems to have ignited their spirit as well. They made these screened tops for the temporary brooder containers so that when they start to jump a bit they will be contained. IMG_2608When they graduate from the brood boxes, they will go to their indoor coop for a while which is a nice interior area of the barn. Here are the finished nesting boxes in the coop that have an opening in back (on my workshop side) to allow for egg retrieval for anyone not willing to deal with laying hens! There is also a special security screening on the coop window area which lets light in but not critters!!! IMG_2612Below is their 3 tiered, adjustable, coop roosting area with a “drop board” below that will allow me to clean off their nightly ‘deposits’ very efficiently. I lined the lower area of the interior coop with ‘Hardie Board’ siding so I can spray it down and wash all of the excrement into the sewer floor drain. There is also a hose bib below the drop board area that will be the watering station providing an in line, fresh water system for their drinking pleasure!

IMG_2593My work shop, which is next door to the coop, has a sink and other amenities as well…ok, there is a toilet too that is not pictured! IMG_2614I couldn’t resist hanging some of chick artwork in my workshop today! IMG_2615.jpgHere is their covered, fresh air run that is ultra secured with a concrete foundation surrounded by galvanized, heavy duty hardware screening. The top (ceiling) is ventilated to let the heat out but also screened off to prevent the chickens from trying to roost up top. These girls will be spoiled!IMG_2613It is a good thing we are taking such precautions since I found these racoon tracks just outside of the coop area this morning! Arg! IMG_2535.jpgBut no day is complete around here without a bit of precious time with Coulter who makes our days on the farm extra special. He finds the joy in every corner and inspires us to do the same!

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