Farley Reporting From Doggie Heaven…

It has been nearly two years since I last took the reins as the ‘Rover-ing’ reporter for this blog (found here) but it is time for me to report again, this time from Doggie Heaven. Nope, no tears or weeping  – please! My people, Nancy and Dave, have done enough of that for all of you!

They have been looking at my baby pictures which has helped to bring back fond memories of the day I joined the family nearly 14 years ago. Wasn’t I a cute little thing? This is before I grew into my nose! I even tried to chew on the tip of my tiny collar.

upclose and personal farley

And here I am with my boy, Peter, who was just a freshman in high school when he successfully begged his mom for a dog…in part to fill the large void that was left when Kate went away to college that fall. Kate doesn’t like to think of herself as being replaced by a puppy, but I think it all turned out well in the end, don’t you agree? peter and puppyx

I may look well behaved but I managed to chew my way thru that first bed pretty quickly. And of course I took many naps even then! silly sleeping

I really liked to play ball but for a while the ball was practically bigger than me and way too large to fit in my mouth which made retrieving it quite a challenge.

I melted Dave’s heart and in later years was his constant companion…especially at meal time when he fed me “scraps”. Actually, it was usually Boar’s Head deli turkey which we both loved to eat! Yummy…I hope they serve that up here in the heaven chow line!!! dave holds farley

They said I had nine lives since I had some health issues along the way. Sometimes I had ouchies…IMG_2832

and when I did, I always got extra treats like scrambled eggs…and couch privileges!

When we all moved to the farm I thought I was in heaven already since I could lounge in the shade of the golf cart while my people did all of the work. IMG_5755

I would roll in anything stinky I could find and then camouflage myself to hide from the inevitable bath time.  IMG_3935

But life got even more exciting when Coulter came along last spring and I became his old grey guardian and managed to photo bomb most of his photos.

I followed him everywhere and when we weren’t outdoors on walks, we took rides in his wagon around the house. IMG_0353

You have to realize that I am still lurking around every fruit tree and watching all of the non-stop activities from my comfy bed up here in doggie heaven. My aches and pains are now gone. After peacefully closing my eyes one last time, cradled in Nancy’s arms, I’m at rest after a very wonderful life spent with all my adoring family and friends. Image 8

Rest in Peace, our Dear, Dear, Farley!


6 thoughts on “Farley Reporting From Doggie Heaven…

  1. I am so very sorry, Nancy and Dave. Crazy as we may sound, our Bailey is with us, in memory, every single day (our vet’s office, and others, still call her “the miracle dog”, because she far outlived what her diagnosis predicted). She’s buried in our front yard – in direct view of the window next to my side of the bed. I love that portrait of Farley, reigning supreme over his family. Farley has joined Bailey, and they both made excellent life sherpas. It’s rough, I know – hugs!

  2. We r soooooooo sad that Farley died. We soooooo enjoyed meeting him when we visited. Can u believe that was 3 years ago already????? Cousins Michelle, Amanda, and Sophie

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  3. Omg, haven’t I cried enough today- what a sweet tribute to Farley. Thanks for sharing those pictures of Farley, I enjoyed seeing the young Peter S too. Love you all, Brenda

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