Fawn-ed Again

This is the time of year when we see deer with their fawns. I so clearly remember the one we spotted right before the wedding last year so we have been on the look out recently for spottings of a mother deer with a fawn.

Although I rant and rave against the over population of deer in our area, I have such a soft heart these days for anything tiny and young. So, as it happened, we had sightings last week of a mother and its young fawn meandering about the property perimeter. I was really waiting for the mother to deposit the youngster in our fields…as they are wont to do…and I finally spotted it yesterday and tried my best to photograph the experience.

I approached with caution, toting my zoom lens as if on safari, and saw this little bundle sleeping outside of our wrought iron fence on the southwest side of the property. IMG_1867As I crept a little closer he peeked with one little open eye…

IMG_1868Then he raised his head a bit more to perceive what was happening…IMG_1870And then was quite alert and alarmed to something…yikes…IMG_1871

Darn if he didn’t run off and squeeze thru the fence!

IMG_1872Which meant he was trapped INSIDE the deer fence enclosure! Silly goose!!! He then could not easily get out of the enclosed back area and had to figure out how to reunite with his mom.IMG_1873So I called for Dave and we instantly set about opening all the gates to the try to allow this little one to escape and reunite with his mother which he managed after several attempts.

These days I don’t need to be reminded of the joys of little ones as our interactions with baby Coulter are so special! Smiles and coos galore at this stage…this is one happy guy!   More farm updates coming soon!


2 thoughts on “Fawn-ed Again

  1. Great photos of the little guys, both the two-legged and four-legged varieties! I, too, saw a fawn in our back yard this week. I know it will soon turn into an eating machine, but it sure was adorable as it hopped across the yard in pursuit of its mama.

  2. Look how happy Coulter is! – he’s sooooo glad that he moved to STL!
    Yesterday morning, we, too had company in our backyard – mama deer and the smallest-fawn-we’d-ever-seen. Maybe I’ve mentioned it before, but a couple years ago we had mail from the DNR, requesting permission to allow a sharpshooter onto our property to shoot deer. Last year, there was no request, just a notice that we might see a sharpshooter in our yard.
    We have LOTS of deer and turkeys here. I never get tired of watching them! 🙂

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