Rock, Paper, Scissors?

No paper or scissors, in fact, nothing but rocks. Or as some may say, stones. This weekend was dedicated to moving the stones/rock that edged the old driveway. We decided not to put them back in place since they didn’t really ‘go’ with the new driveway style. So, we have been carrying them from the front driveway to pallets in the rear of the back driveway since they will make nice dry stack stone wall material for the future rear garden beds. IMG_4665

The majority of this work has been done by Dave but I helped. Kind of like Scout, in To Kill A Mockingbird, whose emphatic voice I hear when I say, “I helped”! But not nearly enough since someone had to sit with Farley, right!?! 😉

The last concrete pour on the driveway is scheduled for tomorrow. We are eager to get this underway and I suppose the crew is too since it gets tiresome for them too. They are all set for the last pour.IMG_4672

We have the burden of filling in the gap between the grass the the new driveway. Dave started this challenge this weekend but I’m afraid it will take many more weeks to complete this task.IMG_4679

The roses we planted in the front are blooming like crazy despite the disruption of the driveway project and having the edging stones at their feet. IMG_4680

There are many other areas that will be turned from hardscape into landscape areas. This little spot will be turned into my future herb garden since it is right out side of the back door. Much work necessary to make this happen still! IMG_4681

We have been fortunate to have a the opportunity to run all of the downspouts and other drainage under the new driveway. Water is certainly a blessing but also our enemy. Managing the water is the key to success in all areas of the Farm. IMG_4670

So tomorrow, we are expecting the last of the concrete pours, the masons to come and clean up their left over mess (ugh, enough already with the mess!), and the grass guys to come and aerate and seed the affected areas. We are hoping that everyone plays nicely! All of us, especially Farley, are eager for the project to be behind us! IMG_4667

In the meantime, we are enjoying the fall crops which provide much of a leafy matter for our table. The lettuces, spinach, bok choi, kale, swiss chard, cabbage, carrots, radishes, kohlrabi and turnips are flourishing.IMG_4682

We have high hopes for some rain tomorrow night and Tuesday! Wouldn’t that be nice!


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