Taos Knitting Getaway and Farley on the Mend

Thank You, Thank You! I received an outpouring of messages from concerned friends, family (and even strangers who read my blog) since my last post about Farley’s health issues. I wish I had more time to write a post before now to give an update on his status but as you will read, I’ve been a bit distracted.

We have had pretty positive news to report since Farley does appear to be on the mend, thanks to the prescribed rest regime as well as a huge number of meds from the vet. Thankfully, the vet modified his meds at one point to lessen his agitated/anxious state which is typical in the combination of steroids and pain meds. He is much more comfortable in this photo. IMG_4570

Here is one of the cute cards that a friend sent over which I love! Thank you, Kathy Waldemer! IMG_4627

I was scheduled to travel to Taos, NM for a 3 day knitting workshop last week but I was not sure if I should go due to Farley’s health status. In the end, we hired our Joyce to help out with some dog sitting time for two of the days so that Dave could continue with his obligations at the farm and I kept to my travel schedule.

It is not easy to get from here to there. I flew to Albuquerque via Dallas, then drove to Taos thru Santa Fe and after leaving very early on Tuesday morning, I arrived late that afternoon. The drive time in New Mexico was delightful. One of my favorite road signs was this one, which depicts the warning of a cow crossing as well as a UFO in the same image. Seriously, these were every couple of miles and I thought they were fabulous! crossing

I stayed in an old inn called the Hotel La Fonda which was conveniently located on the plaza in the old part of town.Taos_plaza_la_fonda

The hotel worked great for me since it was in walking distance of the Convention Center – where the classes were held – but the age of the hotel meant that the walls were thin and I could hear every sound from the couple/guests next to me.

After the first night of listening to their ugly banter, I nearly knocked on their door to suggest some marriage counseling!  Perhaps I should have made some innocent noises on my side of the wall so that they would have better understood the dynamics of the sound barrier – or lack there of!

The best part of the trip was the time I spent in the workshops, both led by Janine Bajus, aka feralknitter.com, who is a wonderful and wise knitter and color theory guide. She did her best to share her knowledge of Fair Isle knitting and color work to a group of eager, relatively experienced knitters. So the first day, I arrived about 30 minutes early as did just about everyone else taking the class.

As we all congregated and plopped down our knitting gear, I realized that I was among my people. Comfy foot wear and clothing was one common denominator. Another was our casual hair styles…I was not the only greying, 50 something, gal in the room who was not about to disguise any aspect of my age or appearance! The knitting was the focus for all of us and continued to be so for 3 days as I spent my lunch breaks and evenings addressing the challenges of the class work!  Janine shared with us all of the colors available from the Jamieson Spin Drift wool line for our experimentation. This she called the play pen!IMG_4612

The two day process was evident in the outcome. I will continue to work on my inspiration from this class as I develop my swatches for the knitted project I will create for my Master Hand Knitting Level 3 submission.IMG_4603

Arriving home on Friday night, I met up with Kate who was coming in for a wedding. We shared a late night cab from the airport and then talked and giggled into the early morning. Dave had the farm report ready for me which took on a new format while I was away….he created a computerized version….which revealed to be 1500+ lbs of produce harvested YTD.  We celebrated a little bit of rain this weekend but it was not enough to make up for the drought! We continue to harvest the last of the summer crop as well as the latest of the fall crop.

Here is a pic of the fall planting…we have plenty of several varieties of lettuces, radishes, turnips, carrots, bok choi, kale, kohlrabi, swiss chard, spinach, broccoli. IMG_4623

We continue to harvest and enjoy the fresh veggies. I have several pounds of green beans to freeze but here are some more goodies for us to use in future meals! IMG_4576

IMG_4625The driveway and other hard/land-scaping continues forward. We believe that there are only 2-3 more pours of concrete to finish out the driveway. The north side of the driveway became accessible in the last couple of days so we were able to return our cars to the shelter of the garage.

Rain totals here this weekend were just shy of .25 inches. Better than nothing, but not enough to make up the lack of water during the last few months!

3 thoughts on “Taos Knitting Getaway and Farley on the Mend

  1. I’m so glad that sweet Farley is better. WHEW!
    Your 3 days in Taos sounds INTENSE! I don’t know if my brain can still manage such a sustained level of focus. 🙂

  2. nan, this is also very nice displayed and written like an artist. still life. i hope your siblings read it and see good old farley. love, mom

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