Melon-choly? (Kate’s fun pun for the day’s harvest!)

OMG! Here is what our melon harvest looked like this afternoon after a quick picking in the melon patch this morning.IMG_5202
Can you say Cantaloupe? Or as Kate quipped today, “Can’t Elope”? (Yes, with wedding planning underway, there is no chance of elopement..!)

We picked 111 pounds of cantaloupes today, in addition to 6 pounds of water melons with more out in the field yet to bring in! This follows 40 pounds of melons we harvested yesterday! IMG_5210

Needless to say, despite their incredible flavor, we are giving them away as fast as we can since they do not preserve well and they are ripe, ripe, ripe!

I plan to deliver some to my friend, Mule, tomorrow when I see him on a job site. I hope to find good homes for some with others soon as well since they just don’t last very long.

We had a wonderful weekend with Kate and Jason in town for a wedding extravaganza. Here they are on their way to the rehearsal dinner. IMG_0676

We managed to see them as often as they were available but they were out at wedding party activities most of the weekend. That was okay since we had plenty of farm activities to address.  One of those was getting our stone yard items put on pallets for the guys to move around this coming week. This was heavy work and required a bit of a two person coordination. It reminded me of working on the stone wall I built at the old house. It is back breaking work that leads one to not casually say ‘a ton’. When you have lifted enough stone to equal a ton, you and your back knows it and respects that measurement! IMG_5199 IMG_5197

We took a much needed mid morning break when I stepped inside to make Dave a fruit smoothy. I used our strawberries and melons along with some other key ingredients to make a delightful, cool drink to sip. We enjoyed this concoction while sitting together on the front, portico bench, admiring our work while realizing the scope of future work to come. IMG_5200

Despite not getting any of the promised rain last night, we did benefit from a slight cool down in temps so working on weeding and the like was much better today. I spent some time in the blueberry and strawberry patches this morning with Farley, who always finds a way to relax in and amongst the activity. IMG_5201

We managed to make a very nice send off dinner for Kate and Jason. Dave grilled some steaks while I concentrated on an Eggplant Parm dish as well as a Green Bean stir fry. IMG_5213YUM!


4 thoughts on “Melon-choly? (Kate’s fun pun for the day’s harvest!)

  1. What a beautiful couple they make!
    Their visit. . .delicious food. . .an abundant harvest. . .sounds like the perfect weekend!

  2. My son, Mule, stopped by today with a huge melon. It is so sweet, juicy and delicious! Thank you so much sharing the harvest with him. I have shared some of the melon with my neighbor. She thanks you also!
    Mule’s Mom, Joyce

    • Mrs. Muhlhauser – (aka Mule’s mom) Joyce,
      Your sweet note meant the world to me, thank you for writing! I’m so glad you enjoyed the melons!
      I will send more with Mike since I will see him again this Thursday and know that he will share…also, glad your neighbor enjoyed some as well!
      Do you like pickles? I can share some of those as well! Goodness knows, we have more than plenty in that area!
      You raised a wonderful son; I hope you take comfort in that knowledge.
      Our very best to you.
      Nancy and Dave
      Seven Oaks Farm [Farley (the dog) says hi too!]

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