A note of remembrance

Image 1My dear father died a year ago today. He was an incredible person and has been dearly missed during this past year by all of us. He really loved what we were attempting to do here at the farm and enjoyed spending time watching our efforts during the last two years of his life. Having spent his first 28 or so years on the Luehrman family farm in Lexington, Missouri, he was full of knowledge about farm life. Luehrman Farm







I believe his stories are a great part of my inspiration here since I think of him constantly as we go thru the cycle of planting and harvesting. He enjoyed sharing farm stories and I am sure he would have liked to have given us a few more lessons on how to do things right, but he also knew that one of the most valuable tools was to learn by doing. “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin.

Here are some more photos of Papa Pete. He so enjoyed celebrating his birthday! I believe it was because he just enjoyed living so much but I also think it was because he relished being surrounded by his family and friends!

Here is the wise old owl as he celebrated his 90th birthday.

IMG_9472And here he is pictured with one of the birthday gifts from that year…a cap from his days on the track team from Missouri Valley College.

IMG_1154This is the 89th celebration.

IMG_8551And many other birthdays and family events we all celebrated together with him thru the years.

IMG_6793OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IMG_0005IMG_4140 IMG_8359Julie, nan, lisa, tim, mom and dad p6270080 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA P9280016Rest in Peace, Pete!IMG_0009

One thought on “A note of remembrance

  1. What a lovely way to remember your Dad. I hope there are more smiles than tears today as you think about his life and celebrate all that he taught you and gave you through the years. Don’t you think he would be thrilled with the spring harvest so far? Tonight, I’ll lift a glass to him and all of him that lives through you, my fine friend! I wish you peace.

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